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GIS Consulting
Metroscape also offers comprehensive GIS consulting services. Whether its project development and management or customized training, Metroscape LLC can assist almost any organization develop its use and implementation of GIS. Our process for managing technologically complex projects ensures delivery of high-value, low-risk solutions for clients. Our methodology allows clients to focus on their core business issues while we manage their projects from inception to completion.   

Spatial Modeling
Metroscape applies analytical procedures and methods to derive and understand underlying mechanisms behind geographic relationships and phenomena. What does all of this mean? Metroscape can explain how geographic components interact with each other and why they interact whether it may be creating viewsheds for visible wind turbines within 10 miles of a specific location or why people tend to drive to one retail site opposed to a closer retail site. Spatial models can be applied to any real world situation with a geographic attribute.
Data Services
From digitizing to geodatabase design and creation Metroscape provides numerous types of data services. Today, organizations are realizing that their most valuable asset is the information that they have. How that information is stored, accessed, and utilized often determines their relative success. Metroscape fully recognizes this importance and has developed a core suite of services that focus on how information is utilized.

Data types include:
Business Geographics Data

- Market Potential
- Consumer Expenditure
- Census Boundaries (census tracts, census block groups, census blocks)
- Census Demographics
- Five Year Demographic Estimates
- Ten Year Demographic Projections
- International Demographics
- U.S. Department of Labor

Geographic and Topographic Data

- State and Local Government Data Sets
- Satellite Imagery (historical and present)
- Aerial Photographs (historical and present)
- Tele Atlas Dynamap Street Databases
- All types of U.S.G.S Data
- U.S. Department of Labor
- 3-D Terrain Models
- Digital Elevation Sets

- Hydrographic Data Sets
- Contour Data Sets
- Environmental Data Sets (Timeframe Dependent)
- Weather Data Sets

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